Friday, September 29, 2006

Preserving the harvest

Thank you for all of the ideas.
For awhile I was ignoring the strong urge I have to make preserves in the interest of getting my kitchen up and running. The sink is in, I borrowed a friend's freezer, I have a fridge, stove and shelves. It's almost ready. Sadly, summer is almost over and since I mainly preserve local produce, my time was running out.
In a rush this week I made mainy things. Delicious pear butter which is still not as good as that made by the Ellen From Future Fruit who grows the pears.
I made a couple batches of apple jelly to use as pectin in other recipes. The first batch cam out fine but my ability to read directions got in the way of the next batch and instead of jelly I ended up with something with the texture of honey but with a distinct apple tang. I made a nutella and apple honey pannini with it. Yum! Sam thinks it will be perfect on biscuits. We will be at his parents this weekend and will give it a go.
I tried home made ajvar but the moral to that story is that if the store bought version blows your mind and is $3 for a big jar , you might as well get it at the store.
I picked raspberries at Blue Skies Berry Farm and had enough to make plain raspberry (enjoyed on an english muffin this AM- it is SO intensely flavored) Raspberry Peach and Raspberry Chocolate. I haven't finished the latter two yet but will hopefully post about them next week.
Keep the ideas coming and you may be rewarded with your very own jar of Raspberry Chocolate!


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Hi there, was wondering if you have found any good books on making artisanal jams, jellies, preserves, etcetera? I did a little this year with mulberries from our tree, but would like to do more.


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