Monday, February 27, 2006

Holy guacamole!

I don't know how much this guacamole boat costs, but I know that it's a deal. It's perfect too. Just enough onion and tomato to add interest but not enough to water down the unctuous avocados.
Even though it wasn't good for the diet, I couldn't resist ordering a torta. They are my favorite and Taqueria Marimar doesn't mess around.
They bake their own rolls and this thing is so big you probably won't want dinner.
I had never had a torta before I went to Mexico but it's no suprise that looking back on my 2 month trip my 2 favorite cities are where I ate the best tortas!
We stayed at a Hotel on the main drag in Guanajuato and didn't get much sleep because of the restaurant on the main floor. Right next door was a sidewalk stand where a guy was making tortas for the never ending line of ravenous torta fans. They came on a small crispy bun and they sliced the pork before your eyes. Pickled jalapenos and thick slabs of avocado crowned the pork. I shouldn't be writing about these with an empty stomach!
Guadalajara had the best market and I seem to remember I stayed in town an extra day so I could wander through one more time and stop at my favorite torta stand. This was our first torta experience and my friend Fiona ordered 2 figuring they were like tacos. Her jaw dropped when they set the 2 heaping sandwiches before her. Luckily I hadn't ordered yet. These came on big soft buns with a scoop of beans, carne al pastor and guacamole. So messy but so worth it. Finding a quality torta in the US is a challenge but if you see it on the menu , it's definitely worth a shot.


At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

The guac costs $2.99 for a boat, and yes, that's a total steal. Back when they only charged a buck and a quarter for it, I wondered how they could even be making money on it.

Seriously, where in the Midwest do you get three avocados for a buck and a quarter?

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Claudia said...

I am soooo hungry right now and you're not helping :(


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