Thursday, March 09, 2006

2006 Independent Food Festival and Awards

Over at Taste Everything, food bloggers are nominating their favorite foods and producers who deserve recognition. I couldn't let this go by without giving props to one of my favorite things. (Besides, it seems that the Midwest is underrepresented in the awards!)
Without further ado I give you:
The Best Fruit Beer for People Who Don't Like Fruit Beers

Belgian Red by New Glarus Brewing Co.
Okay, maybe they don't need more recognition. You'll find a list of all the awards they have won here. I can't remember the first time I had New Glarus cherry beer but I know I was blown away by it's luscious cherry flavor. Each bottle is made with 1 lb. of Door County cherries which is no surprise when you take a sip. It bursts and bubbles on your tongue with sweet tart cherry juiciness. I was in love.

Now I use any excuse to buy a bottle. Need a housewarming gift? Buy cherry beer! Homesick friend now living in NYC? Send cherry beer! Need something special to drink with dessert? Get some cherry beer! Need pictures for the blog? Yup, cherry beer. If you are in Wisconsin, don't forget to track down some New Glarus cherry beer- currently, it's only available here. New Glarus Brewing Co. is a family business run by Deb Carey (founder and pesident) and Dan Carey (brewmaster). At one point, they were distributing in Illinois but stopped when they realized they couldn't even keep up with demand in Wisconsin. They don't want to contract out out the brewing of their beer so that they can produce more.
I went for a tour a few years ago when Deb was still leading them herself. I remember asking what the row of Nesco cookers was for. Turns out they use them to melt the red wax that coats the neck of the bottle.
Each one is dipped by hand. It's that kind of personal touch that makes New Glarus products special.


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Dan Carey is a gangsta!!1!



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