Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not a Saturday too soon.

Here in Madison, our farmer's market is so popular that it goes on perhaps longer than it should. As a former market worker, I can't say that I miss those late October, early November Saturdays. I had to get up before dawn and even if we wore mittens they would get wet from the produce so we'd try to warm our frozen fingers under the heat lamps. Sometimes it was so cold the produce would freeze. Not exactly the best way to attract shoppers!
Outdoor market ended last week and I'm sure everyone who made it to the Terrace this Saturday was happy not to be trudging around the square.
Lucky for me I found Jones Valley Farm. They had several Italian vegetables that I was interested in for my dinner party tomorrow night. I got two of the treviso radicchio (those are the ones that look more like a burgundy romaine lettuce) and some wild arugula. I was too busy listening to Michael explain that the treviso is more expensive than the round radicchio because it is pretty rare and hard to grow and I didn't even notice the that they had 2 types of sylvetta arugula. My mom was just telling me how hard it is to find arugula in the stores where they live (upstate NY but not exactly a small town) and I get to choose from 2 types of wild arugula! I think I got the regular because he charged me $2.25. Jean showed me a bag of gorgeous salad mix but it was already sold. You got there early to get the best stuff. Hopefully they'll have more next week.
Madisonians, don't forget to go to market in winter. We are so lucky to have it.


At 7:54 PM, Blogger allisonmariecat said...

So, how early do you go?

The only bad thing about winter market is that we're so spoiled with the twice a week market in summer...if I'm out of town on a weekend, it really throws off my whole week :)

At 1:39 PM, Blogger lee said...

Allison- I tyr to get there around 9 but this week I had to deliver some CSA boxes for my friend Ellen and by the time I got back, the salad was gone!
Don't feel bad if you don't go every week. The idea is just to remember that it's there and go when you can.


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